Boosting revenue by 35% with targeted PPC campaigns

Project overview

Rocket Healthcare Marketing partnered with IVF Matters, a leading fertility clinic, to enhance their PPC campaigns and drive increased consultations and enquiries through their website. The primary objective of the partnership was to boost sales of diagnostic services while improving the overall campaign performance.
Our strategic PPC campaign optimisations have driven significant growth for IVF Matters, helping them achieve remarkable results and establish a stronger online presence in the competitive fertility market.
Mike Moodie
Paid media director and PPC specialist

Key results

YoY revenue growth
Leading the way in healthcare marketing excellence
Conversion increase (YoY)
20+ conversions from
testing Dynamic Search Ads

More about this case study and our approach

We began by conducting a thorough audit, before updating the campaign structure, ad copy, and targeting to optimise performance. A key focus at this stage was on simplifying the names of IVF Matters’ diagnostic services to enhance clarity and effectiveness. Throughout the partnership, various campaign types, ad copy variations, and bidding strategies were tested to identify the most effective combination for driving performance.
The testing of various ad types continued. One notable success came from testing Dynamic Search Ads, which proved highly effective in driving conversions. Over the testing period, the campaign generated 1000 clicks and 20 conversions, contributing significantly to overall campaign success.

A Performance Max campaign was also tested but yielded suboptimal results, with 715 clicks and only one conversion. Consequently, this campaign type was paused to focus resources on more effective channels.
Our PPC efforts produced impressive outcomes overall for IVF Matters. Conversions increased by 13% year-on-year, and revenue saw a substantial growth of 35% year-on-year, underscoring the success of the campaign optimisations and targeted approach.

Through strategic campaign enhancements and rigorous testing, Rocket Healthcare Marketing empowered IVF Matters to achieve significant improvements in performance, driving increased consultations, enquiries, and revenue for the fertility clinic.

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