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Our technology

PatientPath: Patient Insight Platform

Rocket Healthcare Marketing’s proprietary patient insight platform helps us plug into your analytics, understand stakeholder insights and analyse your audiences, to define the ideal patient personas for your campaigns.
  • The PatientPath platform benefits you by
  • Identifying patient pain points and helping you address them
  • Recommending the right marketing channels for campaigns
  • Analysing improvements you can make to propositions and patient care policies to improve ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Assessing your website for issues with customer journey, messaging or design and recommending key CRO & UX improvements to appeal to your specific patient personas

CareVision: Healthcare Marketing ROI & Attribution Tool

Ever felt frustrated by how difficult it is to get a clear view of marketing ROI and tie specific activity back to clinic growth? Our unique healthcare marketing ROI platform makes it easy to handle attribution and get a clear view of which marketing channels, creatives and messaging make the most difference to your bottom line.

We use our ROI & attribution tools to provide transparent, detailed reports that include initial projections, clear insights on the performance of each campaign, and client acquisition costs by channel. Our strategists will recommend which approaches to stop, pause, boost or tweak based on the results of our ROI & attribution tools, which gives you the reassurance of unbeatable ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

Clinic Web Builder

Rocket Healthcare Marketing has built hundreds of successful clinic websites for a wide variety of practices, from mental health clinics to dental clinics, chiropractors and beauty clinics.

We’ve honed our approach to website development and used our expertise to create a proprietary Web Builder, for faster, more affordable website production services that ensure optimal ROI.

Our web builds are optimised for CRO (conversions) and UX (user journey), as well as SEO and brand.
You won’t find a more cost-effective and optimised approach to web builds, and the best part is we can build landing pages for your marketing campaigns at the same time.

The Rocket Healthcare Marketing Platform: Built on Insights, Expertise & Powerful Technology


We use the learnings from hundreds of successful clinic campaigns to power our platform.


We automate wherever possible, to keep costs low and ensure time is well spent.


Our powerful analytics tell us what your patients want, how they react to your marketing campaigns, and where they drop off in the conversion journey.


We use the latest AI technology to make your marketing more impactful and cost-effective.

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