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We’re here to help you reach & help more clients, with powerful, scalable marketing.
Rocket Healthcare Marketing provides affordable, flexible consultancy & campaign management solutions to help you attract, convert & retain more patients
We’re here to help you reach & help more clients, with powerful, scalable marketing.

Our clients

Struggling to grow your clinic?

We'll help you master your marketing and take back control of your growth.


Getting the best possible value from your marketing and making the most revenue.


Ensuring prospective patients in your local area can search for & find you.


Making your service the obvious and only clear choice for key prospects.


Retaining clients and keeping them coming back for repeat appointments.


Retaining clients and keeping them coming back for repeat appointments.


Understanding exactly how much value each marketing channel is bringing to your business.

Market dominance

Becoming the best at what you do & communicating your value clearly.

Client testimonials

We love nurturing positive, happy relationships with our clients and partnering with them in ways that suit them best.
The search team is amazing... I have a scientific background, so the technicalities of online marketing sometimes allude me. So having someone who can speak plain English and explain it to you is really good.
Harley Street Fertility Clinic
The team is always on top of things trying to improve campaigns and make them more efficient.
Dementech Neurosciences
They have been able to get us higher rankings for the main key words we compete on as well as reconfigure our existing PPC campaign to be far more targeted and cost effective. I would definitely recommend their services.

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  • Understand priority marketing channels
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Our healthcare marketing services

Our healthcare marketing services are provided by experts in all things patient acquisition and retention. Choose from a range of affordable, flexible options, with adhoc, ongoing or consultancy support available.

Clients see incredible growth when working with us


avg. ROI


improvement in CPL


faster growth
*average client performance after 3 months of working with us

Clinics & practices we partner with

We have a broad range of experience in healthcare marketing and apply our expert thinking and unique approaches to a wide range of clinics and consultancies to help them grow faster.
Looking for a different healthcare specialism? We're always happy to discuss your goals and ideas. Get in touch with our experts today and accelerate the growth of your healthcare business.

Healthcare marketing case studies

New medical tourism brand brought to life with a bespoke & conversion-driving site
  • Impressive on-site conversion volume
  • Extremely strong ROI & ROAS
  • Powerful brand authority in the space
  • New Fitness and Dance studio fills 92% of classes in under 4 months
  • 5.5x Return on Investment
  • 95% dance classes booked out
  • 87% fitness classes booked out
  • Powerful SEO strategies result in 165% web traffic growth for top London fertility clinic
  • 165% YoY increase in organic traffic
  • 1.8k additional top 100 keyword rankings
  • 84% increase in size of backlink profile
  • Our lead generation experts reduced CPA by 75% for a revolutionary AI exercise bike firm
  • 75% reduction in CPA
  • Significant improvement in marketing ROI
  • Private Psychiatry Clinic dominates search
  • 47% reduction in cost per lead
  • 70% improvement in conversation rate
  • 4000+ leads generated
  • Rocket Healthcare built an automated lead generation engine for London-Based Psychiatry Clinic
  • 95% clinic booked to capacity
  • 30% increase in retention rate
  • 55% lower cost per lead
  • Our SEO specialists doubled website traffic for a top London fertility clinic
  • A 65% YoY increase in organic traffic
  • An 84% increase in backlinks
  • Over 1.8k additional top 100 rankings
  • Our friendly healthcare experts are here to help you grow

    Our warm, approachable and supportive team are leaders in their fields, here to help your clinic or practice grow faster.
    co founder and CEO of rocket healthcare marketing
    Jonathan Lemer
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Jonathan Lemer
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS healthcare marketing campaigns that help companies overcome growth hurdles and support more patients. Prior to co-founding The Brains Group and Rocket Healthcare Marketing, Jonathan worked with private clinics, global organisations and the NHS to validate and launch new ventures.
    co-founder and head of growth for Rocket Healthcare Marketing
    Charly Chow
    Co-Founder & Head of Growth
    Charly Chow
    Co-Founder & Head of Growth
    Charly is a leading expert in all things healthcare marketing, with over twelve years in the industry and an impressive client list that spans consumer healthcare groups, international healthcare organisations and leading Harley Street clinics.
    client services director for rocket healthcare services
    Domenic Staelberg
    Client Services Director
    Domenic Staelberg
    Client Services Director
    The steady hand on our ship's rudder, Client Services Director Dom goes above and beyond to ensure every client receives an exceptional level of service. Dom has helped many leading clinics and healthcare organisations to overcome growth hurdles and supercharge ROI.
    design and development director
    Yuliya Kostadinova
    Design and development director
    Yuliya Kostadinova
    Design and development director
    Yuliya leads our Design and Development team, and has an extensive background in design and a passion for UX and web development. She's built hundreds of highly successful healthcare websites and crafted beautiful creative for clinics and healthcare companies.
    strategy specialist for rocket healthcare marketing
    Hannah Else
    Content Strategy Lead
    Hannah Else
    Content Strategy Lead
    Tackling all things content, Hannah leads a talented team of healthcare copywriters in the production of landing pages, blogs, email marketing copy and all the rest. When she's not taking clients through in-depth persona workshops or writing conversion-ready blog posts, Hannah switches gears slightly and writes poetry instead.
    web development specialist for medical practices in the local healthcare industry
    Viktor Bakardzhiev
    Lead Programmer
    Viktor Bakardzhiev
    Lead Programmer
    Viktor is our highly-skilled and experienced Lead Programmer. He specialises in front-end and back-end development, complex tracking and integrations, technical SEO, and oversees the entire development process. Thanks to Viktor's expertise and passion for new technology, we provide clients with affordable, powerful, scalable websites.
    head of seo for Rocket Healthcare Marketing
    James Speyer
    Head of SEO
    James Speyer
    Head of SEO
    Heading up our SEO operations, James is an incredibly skilled organic search strategist with over ten years of experience in the healthcare and consumer health sectors. When he's not busy bending Google to his will, James often speaks at SEO conferences and appears on podcasts.
    Joe is a creative growth strategist with a background in international health and beauty marketing
    Joseph Lafferty
    New Business Executive
    Joseph Lafferty
    New Business Executive
    Joe is a creative growth strategist with a background in international health and beauty marketing. Equally at home focusing on small scale growth acceleration and large scale multi-channel marketing strategy, Joe has a passion for growth and a desire to solve tricky problems impacting ROI.
    skilled social advertising specialist
    Chris Hallam
    Head of Social Avertising
    Chris Hallam
    Head of Social Avertising
    Chis is a highly successful and skilled social advertising strategist with a background in brand development and creative strategy. He combines a passion for AI and automation with a powerful ability to conceptualise award-winning campaigns.
    Paid media director
    Mike Moodie
    Paid Media Director
    Mike Moodie
    Paid Media Director
    With over fifteen years of industry experience, Mike has built our PPC team from the ground up and seen triple-digit growth in the department. Mike has led award-winning PPC campaigns for a wide range of healthcare companies and clinics, including leading Harley Street private practices and global organisations.

    Latest healthcare marketing insights

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    Who we are

    Part of The Brains Marketing Group, Rocket Healthcare brings expertise and affordability to the healthcare marketing space. We're built for companies at all stages of their growth journeys, and pride ourselves in our ability to tackle challenges and identify opportunities.

    Our vision

    We're committed to providing ethical, flexible, affordable marketing for all healthcare companies, regardless of size or specialism. Every client receives dedicated, consistent support.

    Our mission

    We're here to make marketing more accessible, and growth more affordable, for healthcare companies all over the world, regardless of budget or specialism.

    Our values

    We operate in our clients' best interests, never over promise or under deliver, and always provide clear, honest reporting and positive communication.

    What makes us different:

    Flexible, consultative marketing that works

    Book our award-winning healthcare marketing consultants whenever you need help setting up, managing or optimising your marketing.
    • Flexible consultancy; purchase credits to use how you like on a wide range of healthcare marketing services.
    • Have us audit your marketing, set up or manage campaigns, or optimise your processes
    • We can train your team, lending marketing support until they feel confident and you're seeing great ROI
    • You can move credits from your marketing consultancy into website optimisation and vice versa

    How we partner with you

    In today's competitive healthcare marketing space, companies need growth partners rather than traditional agencies.

    Whether your budget is £1,000/m or £100,000/m, our specialists know how to make the best use of your resources to help you grow faster.

    We'll help you maximise ROI (return on investment) and ROT (return on talent) through consultancy, auditing, training and support services.

    You can change your service mix with us whenever you like, scaling activity up or down according to your clinic bookings.

    Schedule your consultation

    Get actionable advice from experts on how to grow your clinic or practice. Learn about which marketing channels will work best for you and discover what the realistic ROI looks like for different marketing approaches.