Boosting conversion rates by 45% for top wellness clinic

Project overview

We were approached by The Elixir Clinic, an international wellness clinic specialising in intravenous therapy, who wanted to establish a successful lead generation funnel. With strategic PPC and paid social campaigns, we significantly reduced their customer acquisition cost (CAC), and provided them with the ability to modulate marketing efforts based on booking capacity.
Our tailored PPC and paid social campaigns not only reduced The Elixir Clinic's customer acquisition costs, but also provided them with the flexibility to adapt to changing booking capacities. At Rocket, it’s always about delivering results that empower our clients to thrive in their industry.
Simone Spence

Key results

120% reduction
in CPL
45% increase
in conversion rate
21% increase
in CLV

More about this case study and our approach

Initially, we concentrated on developing a robust PPC campaign, designed to rapidly build leads and minimise The Elixir Clinic's CAC. Recognising the niche appeal of intravenous therapy, we tailored our efforts to an audience that would most benefit from the service, considering the clinic's presence across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
We then launched a series of paid social initiatives. The goal was to educate potential clients about the clinic's offerings and build trust and understanding in the market. These campaigns were carefully structured to guide potential leads through the marketing funnel, from initial awareness to eventual conversion.
As their campaigns gained traction, we provided The Elixir Clinic with the flexibility to adjust marketing efforts based on booking capacity. This ensured that they could operate at optimum efficiency and scale their operations to match demand.
Our comprehensive approach led to impressive results. The Elixir Clinic experienced a 120% reduction in CPL and their booking capacity was consistently filled. Through close collaboration and a flexible approach, we provided the client with a more predictable and sustainable way of securing bookings, while ensuring their marketing spend was more cost-effective than ever.

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