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Need an audit of your existing PPC campaign, a review of your website, or training for your SEO team? Book us for a one-off session or secure ongoing support with flexible, powerful healthcare marketing consultancy from Rocket Healthcare.

Our clients

Our marketing consultancy service involves charting a course for sustainable growth for our clients. By analysing market trends, consumer behaviour, and the key goals of the healthcare providers we work with, we provide strategic insights that empower our clients to make more informed decisions about their marketing.

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Typical results after just 3 months of working with us


avg. ROI


improvement in CPL


faster growth
*average client ROI on accounts run by Rocket Healthcare Marketing, after 3 months

Healthcare marketing case studies

Driving growth with combined PPC & SEO for London neurology clinic
  • 20%+ Surge in organic traffic
  • Boosted domain authority
  • 125 Leads through Dynamic Search Ads
  • Rocket Healthcare built an automated lead generation engine for London-Based Psychiatry Clinic
  • 95% clinic booked to capacity
  • 30% increase in retention rate
  • 55% lower cost per lead
  • Driving continuous growth: PPC and SEO success with The Awareness Centre
  • Increased online visibility
  • Boosted course sign-ups
  • Significant improvements in lead quality
  • Transforming digital presence with a website rebuild for London Psychiatry Clinic
  • Boosted organic search ranking
  • Improved user engagement metrics
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Private Psychiatry Clinic dominates search
  • 47% reduction in cost per lead
  • 70% improvement in conversation rate
  • 4000+ leads generated
  • Increasing website conversion rate by 27% for a leading beauty & aesthetics clinic
  • 88% increase in new users
  • 166% more website leads
  • 27% better website conversion rate
  • Boosting conversion rates by 45% for top wellness clinic
  • 120% reduction in CPL
  • 45% increase in conversion rate
  • 21% increase in CLV
  • Lowering CPL by 85% for Just Wax It with strategic PPC campaigns
  • 10% Increase in conversions
  • 85% Reduction in CPL
  • New medical tourism brand brought to life with a bespoke & conversion-driving site
  • Impressive on-site conversion volume
  • Extremely strong ROI & ROAS
  • Powerful brand authority in the space
  • Healthcare marketing consultants: client testimonials

    Our healthcare marketing consultants specialise in strategy, innovation, brand awareness and more. Your work enriches lives; that's why our team is dedicated to your success.
    The search team is amazing... I have a scientific background, so the technicalities of online marketing sometimes allude me. So having someone who can speak plain English and explain it to you is really good.
    Harley Street Fertility Clinic
    The team is always on top of things trying to improve campaigns and make them more efficient.
    Dementech Neurosciences
    They have been able to get us higher rankings for the main key words we compete on as well as reconfigure our existing PPC campaign to be far more targeted and cost effective. I would definitely recommend their services.

    Our healthcare marketing consultants can…

    Provide a free consultation with digital marketing specialists
    Create a bespoke growth plan with recommended actions
    Offer flexible consultancy credits for you to use as you need

    Partnering with us is fun, easy, and there's absolutely no long-term commitment. You can purchase flexible marketing consultancy credits from just £320 to use as you need, and add more, roll them over or change what you use your credits for whenever you like.

    How our healthcare marketing consultants help you grow:

    We tailor our consultancy services to you:

    No long contracts

    • Pause, stop or add healthcare marketing consultancy services whenever you like. 

    Flexible ways to work together

    • Have us audit your existing marketing campaigns, set up new ones, train your team, or implement time & cost-saving automations. Whatever you need help with, our healthcare marketing consultants can support you.

    Help with every kind of sales & marketing challenge

    • Our highly-experienced healthcare marketing consultants have helped a range of clinics and practices, with everything from end-to-end reporting, to sales & marketing funnels, to lead scoring and nurturing. We'll recommend the right channels based on your goals, audience and budget.

    We're dedicated to your success and we put you first:

    No overspend on unnecessary activities

    • We never recommend any activity that doesn't optimise spend and increase ROI. Our healthcare marketing consultants zero-in on your biggest pain points and find the most cost-effective ways to overcome them.

    Cost-effective cross channel campaigns & automations

    • With years of experience in all facets of healthcare marketing, our consultants can craft cross-channel sales and marketing funnels that cut client acquisition cost, make activity more efficient, and eliminate wasted effort. Clients typically see up to 60% better ROI with our recommended strategies.

    Tie marketing activity to client bookings for clear ROI

    • Thanks to our unique ROI & attribution solution, we’re able to tell you exactly which marketing activities contributed to new patient bookings. We’re totally honest - if something isn’t working, we tell you.

    We’re passionate about empowering your team:

    We train and support internal marketing teams

    • Our healthcare marketing consultants love training-up internal marketing teams. We meet with you to discuss your training needs, recommend a single or a set of training sessions, and tailor your training to suit your team's skill level, goals and timeframe.

    We partner with other consultants and agencies

    • Two heads are often better than one. We enjoy partnering with other agencies, digital marketing consultants and investors on strategies, and we happily collaborate – either by taking the lead or in a supportive role.

    We run cross-channel campaigns with multiple agencies, stakeholders and collaborators

    • Already got a partner for certain elements of your healthcare marketing? That's totally fine. We slot well into any supplier / consultancy relationship, and are comfortable managing complex cross-channel and cross-brand campaigns with many stakeholders.

    Schedule your consultation

    • Get actionable, expert advice
    • Understand priority marketing channels
    • Boost your marketing profitability

    Assisting you in reaching more patients. That’s what we do

    Rocket Healthcare Marketing has been providing flexible consultancy services to clinics, private practices, hospitals and organisations since 2016. Our highly-skilled healthcare marketing consultants are fully committed to helping you achieve the next stage of your growth journey as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

    While new tools and technologies put more power in your hands than ever before, learning how to use them, and having the time to do so, is a luxury that many healthcare company owners simply don't have. That's why we eliminate the hassle; providing flexible, affordable healthcare marketing consultancy services you can use when you need to.
    We help with a wide range of sales and marketing challenges: from optimising PPC campaigns struggling to deliver ROI, to improving sales and marketing funnels so that conversion rate increases and revenue improves.

    Our healthcare marketing consultants will meet with you, so you can let us know about your goals, challenges, and patients. We'll discuss the best way to work together, and how you prefer to approach the project - collaboratively, or with us providing full support and keeping you updated on progress.

    If you need help setting up, improving, or planning your marketing - or you want to optimise your sales and marketing funnels and patient journeys – we’re happy to provide a free consultation and discuss how we can help.

    Our healthcare marketing consultants help you with...'

    Discover the full range of healthcare marketing consultancy services below.

    Marketing ROI

    Patient acquisition

    Patient retention

    Website improvements

    Content strategy
    & planning

    Sales & marketing

    Automations, integrations &
    CMS/CRM set up

    How our healthcare marketing consultants work

    Speak to our healthcare marketing consultants
    We’ll discuss your growth goals, challenges, patient acquisition strategy and proposition in a quick 30-minute call. Digging into the data helps us understand how best to help you grow.
    We craft your bespoke growth plan
    Once we understand your needs, we’ll craft a bespoke growth plan that includes the best services for growth, including ways to find new clinic patients and retain them.
    We bring in patients searching for your clinic services
    Healthcare digital marketing services can start the next day after you approve your growth plan and be paused, stopped, swapped or boosted whenever you like.

    What makes us different:

    Flexible, consultative marketing that works

    Book our award-winning healthcare marketing consultants whenever you need help setting up, managing or optimising your marketing.
    • Flexible consultancy; purchase credits to use how you like on a wide range of healthcare marketing services.
    • Have us audit your marketing, set up or manage campaigns, or optimise your processes
    • We can train your team, lending marketing support until they feel confident and you're seeing great ROI
    • You can move credits from your marketing consultancy into website optimisation and vice versa

    Clinics & practices we partner with

    We have a broad range of experience in healthcare marketing and apply our expert thinking and unique approaches to a wide range of clinics and consultancies to help them grow faster. Looking for a different healthcare specialism? We're always happy to discuss your goals and ideas. Get in touch with our experts today and accelerate the growth of your healthcare business.

    Schedule your consultation

    Get actionable advice from experts on how to grow your clinic or practice. Learn about which marketing channels will work best for you and discover what the realistic ROI looks like for different marketing approaches.

    Other digital marketing healthcare services

    Our healthcare marketing services are provided by experts in all things patient acquisition and retention. Choose from a range of affordable, flexible options, with adhoc, ongoing or consultancy support available.

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