Driving continuous growth: PPC and SEO success with The Awareness Centre

Project overview

The Awareness Centre (TAC), London's premier counselling and psychotherapy centre, teamed up with Rocket Healthcare Marketing to enhance their digital presence and reach a broader audience. With a commitment to providing high-quality mental health services, TAC sought to expand their online visibility and attract individuals seeking support and guidance, through our recommended SEO and PPC services.
At Rocket, we're passionate about empowering mental health providers to connect with individuals in need, across all key marketing channels. By crafting content tailored to TAC’s buyer personas, we ensured that every interaction was meaningful and impactful.
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Key results

Increased online visibility
Boosted course sign-ups
Significant improvements
in lead quality

More about this case study and our approach

Rocket Healthcare Marketing embarked on a multifaceted approach to enhance TAC's digital presence and drive results across PPC and SEO domains. For SEO, the focus was on refreshing TAC's website and optimising core landing pages to align with industry best practices. This involved updating key service pages and crafting optimised blog posts tailored to resonate with TAC's target personas. Additionally, digital PR and strategic link building initiatives were implemented to broaden TAC's online footprint and enhance its authority in the mental health space.
Later down the line, once SEO was beginning to drive success, we also crafted a comprehensive PPC strategy aimed at boosting sign-ups for TAC's new counselling training courses, and driving leads to specific location pages for in-person services. Through meticulously structured campaigns, our expert team optimised ad copy, keywords, and targeting parameters to maximise ad visibility and drive qualified traffic to TAC's offerings.
As the partnership between The Awareness Centre and Rocket Healthcare evolved, so did the results. Through a holistic approach that combined SEO, PPC, and digital PR strategies, we ensured TAC experienced sustained growth in website traffic, leads, and brand visibility, solidifying its position as a leading counselling and psychotherapy centre in London.
Having performed this vital foundational brand work, we could begin the above-ground web build in earnest. We assisted the client in acquiring the necessary domain and hosting service, and our SEO experts developed a keyword strategy and ideal sitemap for an optimal user journey. Next, it was time for our content production team to wireframe SEO-optimised page templates, and generate optimised copy.
With the targeted on-site copy finalised and approved by the Medical Travel Co. team, our award-winning web design specialists stepped in. This was to be a crucial moment in the journey; it was vital for the site’s aesthetic to harmonise seamlessly with the written content, and cogently embody those core brand values. Luckily, having contributed significantly to the Medical Travel Co. visual appeal and armed with a brand-tailored mood board, the team was able to deliver a visual web experience that perfectly encapsulated both the company and what it stands for.
Thanks to the combined efforts of both teams along the way, the site was an immediate success. Medical Travel Co.’s inbound traffic got off to a flying start following the launch, and customers are met with a sleek, modern and intuitive website that drives conversions. Supported by paid search and social campaigns, the Medical Travel Co. website continues to generate significant lead volume and facilitate extremely positive ROI.

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