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Rocket Healthcare built an automated lead generation engine for London-Based Psychiatry Clinic

Project overview

The Clinic provides both a training centre for psychotherapists and offers highly affordable psychotherapy services to patients. They rely on a steady and reliable stream of new patient leads to keep their training program running efficiently. Prior to advertising through Google Ads, the practice relied primarily on client referrals and social media channels such as Facebook. However these channels were unpredictable and mostly failed to deliver the requisite number of new enquiries.
automated lead generation for London clinic reduces cost per lead by 55%
We had a number of in-depth conversations with the client to ensure we fully understood their targeting criteria. This made sure we would get the most out of the campaigns we were running, with the ads being placed in front of the right people.
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Key results

clinic booked to capacity
increase in retention rate
lower cost per lead

More about this case study and our approach

With our advice, the Practice chose to use Google Search as a means of placing ads in front of people actively searching for psychotherapy treatment and services. We set up the campaign to target highly-stressed working professionals.
To increase the likelihood of an inquiry, we built a number of custom landing pages, to provide a clear and concise overview of the offering, relevant trust signals, and call to actions (phone number, contact form, etc.) Once submitted, a lead notification was sent directly to the Clinic for them to quickly follow-up with. This strategy quickly resulted in a sharp increase in their number of confirmed patient bookings.
To help the Clinic cope with the increase in enquiry volumes, we integrated Zoho CRM into their existing patient management system, so there was an automated follow-up sequence for all new patient enquiries, thus increasing the likelihood of an enquiry becoming a booking.

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