Transforming digital presence with a website rebuild for London Psychiatry Clinic

Project overview

With the online healthcare landscape becoming increasingly competitive in 2020, London Psychiatry Clinic recognised the need to revamp its digital footprint and enlisted Rocket Healthcare Marketing for a comprehensive website rebuild. With a data-driven approach and expertise in conversion-focused design, our team embarked on a mission to elevate the clinic's online presence and user experience.
We're committed to empowering healthcare providers with cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to their unique needs. The website rebuild for London Psychiatry Clinic is a great example of an immersive, conversion-driven user experience.
Viktor Bakardjiev
Viktor is a highly skilled and experienced lead programmer

Key results

organic search ranking
user engagement metrics
conversion rates

More about this case study and our approach

Our unique approach to website development was specifically tailored to meet the needs of London Psychiatry Clinic based on our initial workshops. Using a phased plan for the build, the team leveraged persona intent as well as insights from previous marketing activities to craft a bespoke, conversion-driving website from the ground up. Using a custom WordPress theme builder, the website was meticulously designed and developed over the course of just a few months, ensuring simple customizability for the client’s internal team.
Each aspect of the website, from page structure to content, was optimised for user experience (UX) and organic search ranking. Pages were strategically built with conversion-focused templates, incorporating appropriate keywords to enhance discoverability.

We also integrated lead forms using Gravity, facilitating effortless CRM integration and lead management. Comprehensive training was provided to the internal team at London Psychiatry Clinic, empowering them to efficiently manage the content management system (CMS) and maintain functionality.
Throughout the site build, Rocket Healthcare's Technical SEO team collaborated closely with the development team to optimise implementation, ensuring the website's readiness for enhanced visibility and performance.

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