Award-winning healthcare lead generation services

Rocket Healthcare Marketing helps clinics, practices, care homes and hospitals to acquire patients and increase revenue with powerful lead generation marketing.

We set up personalised lead gen funnels that harness content & automations, nurturing clients with compelling remarketing campaigns until they become highly-qualified leads. Our experts keep your campaigns extremely efficient, maximising ROI.
2M High Quality Leads

Our healthcare lead generation services help you to…

Patient bookings
Clinic revenue
Demand for your services
Private Psychiatry Clinic dominates search
  • 47% reduction in cost per lead
  • 70% improvement in conversation rate
  • 4000+ leads generated
  • The Brains built an automated lead generation engine for London-Based Psychiatry Clinic
  • 95% clinic booked to capacity
  • 30% increase in retention rate
  • 55% lower cost per lead
  • Our SEO Brains doubled website traffic for a top London fertility clinic
  • A 65% YoY increase in organic traffic
  • An 84% increase in backlinks
  • Over 1.8k additional top 100 rankings
  • Our lead generation Brains reduced CPA by 75% for a revolutionary AI exercise bike firm
  • 75% reduction in CPA
  • Significant improvement in marketing ROI
  • Brainy SEO strategies result in 165% web traffic growth for top London fertility clinic
  • 165% YoY increase in organic traffic
  • 1.8k additional top 100 keyword rankings
  • 84% increase in size of backlink profile
  • New Fitness and Dance studio fills 92% of classes in under 4 months
  • 5.5x Return on Investment
  • 95% dance classes booked out
  • 87% fitness classes booked out
  • New medical tourism brand brought to life with a bespoke & conversion-driving site
  • Impressive on-site conversion volume
  • Extremely strong ROI & ROAS
  • Powerful brand authority in the space
  • Why choose a specialist healthcare lead generation agency?

    We’ve helped hundreds of clinics and healthcare companies to grow faster.

    • Our laser-targeted healthcare marketing lead generation campaigns help organisations, clinics and hospitals to increase revenue and secure client bookings.
    • We meet with you to discuss your healthcare lead gen goals, dig into your data, and craft a tailored strategy that takes into consideration your competitors, goals and client motivations.
    • Get started from just £420/m - generate unlimited leads according to your budget and goals. Pause, stop and boost activity whenever you need to increase bookings or pace your growth.

    We use an award-winning healthcare lead generation process to improve ROI.

    • Once we understand the context of your healthcare lead generation campaigns, we craft a tailored strategy that harnesses audience targeting, automations and personalised content to engage & nurture prospective clients.
    • Your healthcare lead generation team will set up lead scoring critera in your chosen CRM platform (we recommend HubSpot and are proud to be Gold Partners).
    • Leads will be scored as they move through your nurturing funnels. We use engaging email content and remarketing ads to prime your prospective clients for your sales team to contact when their lead scores are high enough.

    We share insights and recommendations with your sales team that turn leads into clients.

    • Once we know which content automations and creative your leads are engaging with, we pass this information on to your sales team.
    • We set up lead nurturing triggers in your CRM that send your sales team information about which content a sales qualified lead has seen and responded to, so that they can use this information to tailor the conversation when they make contact.
    • This information sharing loop goes both ways - we speak to your sales team about the key questions and objections prospective clients have when making contact, and we use this information to inform our lead nurturing strategy, often creating content to support objection handling and reduce the amount of time your team spend on calls.

    What we've achieved for clients so far...


    Avg. 45% reduction in cost-per-lead


    2,000,000 high quality leads


    Typical increase in patient retention of 50%


    Avg. 30% increase in positive online reviews

    Looking to increase patient bookings? Our healthcare lead generation experts can provide the support you need.

    Power Up Your Website for Better Conversion Rates

    Your healthcare lead generation campaigns require highly-optimised website landing pages in order to successfully convert clients.

    While native LinkedIn lead generation campaigns are most certainly an option for some campaigns, the reality is that lead gen works best when prospective clients can read about your services, see testimonials from existing clients and view pictures of your premises on a website.

    Rocket Healthcare Marketing provides an all-in-one Boost website optimisation service for lead generation clients. We will improve the way your website looks and works, ensuring that it operates as a highly-effective sales lever in your lead gen process. 

    Optimising your website is more affordable than you may think, and can be done in a short period of time that fits for your lead generation campaign goals.

    Build Awareness & Boost Revenue with Multichannel Marketing

    If you really want to supercharge your healthcare lead generation campaigns, opt for a joined up multichannel marketing strategy that boosts visibility and demand. 

    Our clients often include PPC, SEO, LinkedIn advertising and email nurturing in their lead generation marketing strategies, and the more channels you add, the easier it is to reach and remarket to prospective patients in your area.

    Maximise ROI with Ongoing Campaign Optimisation

    We never stop testing, tweaking and enhancing your healthcare lead generation campaigns. Our specialists optimise every element of your funnels, from the automations to the audience profiling and creative elements. 

    Our lead gen specialists analyse the results from every A/B test and take the learnings to inform our strategy moving forward, so that your healthcare lead generation marketing campaigns perform even better over time.

    Healthcare PPC services

    LinkedIn lead generation set-up & management

    CRM set-up & optimisation

    Auditing of existing lead generation campaigns

    Healthcare PPC & paid search advertising

    Healthcare content marketing

    Healthcare Remarketing

    Our mission: Make healthcare lead generation affordable for everyone.

    Healthcare lead generation is a key growth strategy for clinics, organisations and companies who want to grow faster. Lead gen offers a sustainable way to reach local patients looking for services - so why is it typically so expensive that the companies who need it most, can’t use it?

    Our lead gen services are designed to be different. We don’t charge you costly rates to use us, and won’t tie you in for long periods. You can start, pause, stop or boost activity when you like, and we’ll only use your budget on meaningful activities that help you reach prospective patients on their preferred channels - directly leading to more bookings and better growth.
    Other healthcare lead generation services may struggle to tie lead gen marketing activity back to actual conversions, but thanks to our unique CareVision and PatientPath attribution & reporting solutions, we can see where your patients find you, how they travel through your website and where they eventually convert - tracking the entire journey back to where it all started; meaning more accountability and effortless tracking of your investments.

    We are a flexible, supportive and deeply invested partner - we measure our success by how quickly you grow, and truly want the best for you, which is why we’ll never tie you in, or hold you back.

    Partnering with us is like having an extension to your marketing team, ready to support, train, nurture and empower when needed. We’re happy to take care of some or all of your lead generation needs, or if you just want us to audit your existing lead generation campaigns and provide some recommendations on how you can enhance them, that's fine too. It’s possible to start from just £420/m, and we’ll happily provide adhoc consultancy or a one-off audit, if that’s what you prefer.

    Schedule your consultation

    • Discuss opportunities, uncover powerful tools and learn new tactics

    • Work flexibly to build your bespoke plan

    • No cost, no obligations, just award winning marketing insights

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    Get actionable advice from experts on how to grow your clinic or practice Learn about which marketing channels will work best for you Discover what the realistic ROI looks like for different marketing approaches

    Meet our healthcare marketing experts

    co founder and CEO of rocket healthcare marketing
    Jonathan Lemer
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Jonathan Lemer
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Jonathan is obsessed with running #NoBS healthcare marketing campaigns that help companies overcome growth hurdles and support more patients. Prior to co-founding The Brains Group and Rocket Healthcare Marketing, Jonathan worked with private clinics, global organisations and the NHS to validate and launch new ventures.
    co-founder and head of growth for Rocket Healthcare Marketing
    Charly Chow
    Co-Founder & Head of Growth
    Charly Chow
    Co-Founder & Head of Growth
    Charly is a leading expert in all things healthcare marketing, with over twelve years in the industry and an impressive client list that spans consumer healthcare groups, international healthcare organisations and leading Harley Street clinics.
    client services director for rocket healthcare services
    Domenic Staelberg
    Client Services Director
    Domenic Staelberg
    Client Services Director
    The steady hand on our ship's rudder, Client Services Director Dom goes above and beyond to ensure every client receives an exceptional level of service. Dom has helped many leading clinics and healthcare organisations to overcome growth hurdles and supercharge ROI.
    design and development director
    Yuliya Kostadinova
    Design and development director
    Yuliya Kostadinova
    Design and development director
    Yuliya leads our Design and Development team, and has an extensive background in design and a passion for UX and web development. She's built hundreds of highly successful healthcare websites and crafted beautiful creative for clinics and healthcare companies.
    strategy specialist for rocket healthcare marketing
    Hannah Else
    Content Strategy Lead
    Hannah Else
    Content Strategy Lead
    Tackling all things content, Hannah leads a talented team of healthcare copywriters in the production of landing pages, blogs, email marketing copy and all the rest. When she's not taking clients through in-depth persona workshops or writing conversion-ready blog posts, Hannah switches gears slightly and writes poetry instead.
    web development specialist for medical practices in the local healthcare industry
    Viktor Bakardzhiev
    Lead Programmer
    Viktor Bakardzhiev
    Lead Programmer
    Viktor is our highly-skilled and experienced Lead Programmer. He specialises in front-end and back-end development, complex tracking and integrations, technical SEO, and oversees the entire development process. Thanks to Viktor's expertise and passion for new technology, we provide clients with affordable, powerful, scalable websites.
    head of seo for Rocket Healthcare Marketing
    James Speyer
    Head of SEO
    James Speyer
    Head of SEO
    Heading up our SEO operations, James is an incredibly skilled organic search strategist with over ten years of experience in the healthcare and consumer health sectors. When he's not busy bending Google to his will, James often speaks at SEO conferences and appears on podcasts.
    Joe is a creative growth strategist with a background in international health and beauty marketing
    Joseph Lafferty
    New Business Executive
    Joseph Lafferty
    New Business Executive
    Joe is a creative growth strategist with a background in international health and beauty marketing. Equally at home focusing on small scale growth acceleration and large scale multi-channel marketing strategy, Joe has a passion for growth and a desire to solve tricky problems impacting ROI.
    skilled social advertising specialist
    Chris Hallam
    Head of Social Avertising
    Chris Hallam
    Head of Social Avertising
    Chis is a highly successful and skilled social advertising strategist with a background in brand development and creative strategy. He combines a passion for AI and automation with a powerful ability to conceptualise award-winning campaigns.
    Paid media director
    Mike Moodie
    Paid Media Director
    Mike Moodie
    Paid Media Director
    With over fifteen years of industry experience, Mike has built our PPC team from the ground up and seen triple-digit growth in the department. Mike has led award-winning PPC campaigns for a wide range of healthcare companies and clinics, including leading Harley Street private practices and global organisations.

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