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Project overview

The client approached us because their cost per lead was climbing sharply and their number of monthly sales was dropping. The person responsible for their Google Ads account had neglected the campaigns and these had become unstructured, so were performing poorly. The cost per lead had increased to the region of £60 – £80 and this was clearly unsustainable for the client when generating new business sales. They approached us as a matter of urgency to get their account back on track and to help increase their lead and sales volumes.
patient retention in healthcare
A/B testing was an important part of this campaign, and with so many variables to test, we ensured transparency with the client when it came to prioritisation, monitoring and reporting.
Simone Spence

Key results

reduction in cost per lead
improvement in conversation rate
leads generated

More about this case study and our approach

Because of the haphazard campaign account structure, we decided to start at the beginning and rebuild all the campaigns from the ground up. We took what learnings we could from the previous campaigns, such as high performing keywords and ad copy, and then began our work on the build.
We created over 80 new search network campaigns, with more than 1,300 keyword variations, each of which focused on a particular treatment type that the client offered. To support these new campaigns we also built more than a dozen custom landing pages, which helped boost the conversion rate to higher levels than we were seeing on the main website. Over the period of 10 months we constantly tested variables including ad copy variations, landing page designs and geographic targeting to mention just a few.
The result of this effort was a steady reduction in the cost per lead (with the exception of the lockdown period), an increase in conversion rate and a good increase in sales. In just under 9 months we have built a lead generation machine, generating the clinic 4,226 new business leads. We have seen a 47.9% decrease in the cost per lead compared to when we took over the account. We have seen a 56.4% increase in the number of leads generated in an average month. We have seen a 70.9% increase in the conversion rate across all campaigns.

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