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Solutions to expand your patient base and optimise acquisition costs. Enhance online visibility, develop targeted strategies for local markets, and yield a higher ROI from consumer healthcare marketing.

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Our clients typically see up to 70% better client acquisition costs with us…


avg. ROI


improvement in CPL


faster growth
*average client ROI on accounts run by Rocket Healthcare Marketing, after 3 months

Consumer healthcare marketing: client testimonials

Initially relying on paid advertising, Rocket transformed our marketing approach, developing a strong organic presence that significantly reduced our ad spend. Their strategy was a game-changer for our psychiatry clinic's growth
The Awareness Centre
The team is always on top of things trying to improve campaigns and make them more efficient.
Dementech Neurosciences
They have been able to get us higher rankings for the main key words we compete on as well as reconfigure our existing PPC campaign to be far more targeted and cost effective. I would definitely recommend their services.

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Build your brand: consumer healthcare marketing

Optimise online visibility, attract high-quality leads, and achieve your business goals. We prioritise customer retention, automate the most critical processes, and focus on operations to unlock growth opportunities in the consumer healthcare space.

Content marketing strategy:

Engage and educate your audience with relevant, valuable content

Our content marketing strategies are designed to position your consumer healthcare organisation as a trusted source of information and expertise. We create compelling and informative content that resonates with your target audience, addressing their healthcare concerns and providing valuable insights. Through blog posts, articles, videos, and social media content, we establish your organisation as a thought leader, attracting and retaining patients who value your expertise. By optimising content for search engines and leveraging data-driven strategies, we ensure that your content reaches the right audience at the right time, driving patient engagement and acquisition.

Reputation management and online reviews:

Build trust, enhance reputation, and maintain positive online presence

In today's digital age, managing your consumer healthcare organisation's online reputation is crucial. We employ proactive strategies to monitor and respond to online reviews, ensuring that your organisation's reputation remains strong. Our team helps you showcase positive patient experiences and maintain an active and positive presence on online review platforms. By leveraging the power of patient testimonials, managing online listings, and implementing reputation management strategies, we build trust and credibility among your target audience, ultimately driving patient acquisition and loyalty.

Digital advertising and paid media:

Amplify your reach, target the right audience, and drive patient acquisition

Our digital advertising and paid media strategies are designed to maximise your organisation's visibility and reach across relevant digital channels. We create highly targeted campaigns utilising platforms such as Google Ads, social media advertising, and display advertising to connect with your ideal patients. By leveraging data and insights, we identify the most effective channels and audience segments to target, optimising campaigns to drive patient acquisition and deliver a strong return on investment (ROI). Our team continuously monitors and optimises campaigns, providing detailed reports and recommendations to ensure your advertising efforts yield exceptional results.

Powerful digital marketing to grow faster.

Unlock your consumer healthcare organisation's potential. 

At Rocket Healthcare Marketing, we understand the unique challenges and goals of consumer healthcare marketing. Our tailored approach is designed to help your organisation thrive in the competitive healthcare landscape.

Our experienced team will conduct a thorough analysis of your current marketing strategies, online presence, and target audience. Based on this detailed evaluation, we will develop a customised Growth Plan specifically tailored to your organisation’s objectives.

  • Increase your online visibility and attract a steady stream of new patients
  • Optimise your website for enhanced user experience and lead generation
  • Utilise targeted marketing strategies to engage with your ideal patients
  • Leverage the power of social media and online advertising to expand your reach
  • Implement effective patient retention strategies to foster long-term loyalty

Don't miss out on this opportunity to accelerate the growth of your consumer healthcare organisation. get your free Growth Plan today and take the first step towards a thriving and successful future.

How It Works:

Speak to our consumer healthcare marketing specialists
In a 30-minute chat we’ll discuss your growth acceleration goals, challenges, patient acquisition strategy and proposition. 
We craft your bespoke consumer healthcare growth plan
Now that we understand your needs, we’ll craft a bespoke growth plan that includes the best services for patient growth and retention.
We bring new patients to your consumer healthcare brand
Marketing services can start the next day and be paused, stopped, swapped or boosted whenever you like. 

Healthcare marketing case studies

Rocket Healthcare built an automated lead generation engine for London-Based Psychiatry Clinic
  • 95% clinic booked to capacity
  • 30% increase in retention rate
  • 55% lower cost per lead
  • Driving continuous growth: PPC and SEO success with The Awareness Centre
  • Increased online visibility
  • Boosted course sign-ups
  • Significant improvements in lead quality
  • Transforming digital presence with a website rebuild for London Psychiatry Clinic
  • Boosted organic search ranking
  • Improved user engagement metrics
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Private Psychiatry Clinic dominates search
  • 47% reduction in cost per lead
  • 70% improvement in conversation rate
  • 4000+ leads generated
  • Increasing website conversion rate by 27% for a leading beauty & aesthetics clinic
  • 88% increase in new users
  • 166% more website leads
  • 27% better website conversion rate
  • Boosting conversion rates by 45% for top wellness clinic
  • 120% reduction in CPL
  • 45% increase in conversion rate
  • 21% increase in CLV
  • Lowering CPL by 85% for Just Wax It with strategic PPC campaigns
  • 10% Increase in conversions
  • 85% Reduction in CPL
  • New medical tourism brand brought to life with a bespoke & conversion-driving site
  • Impressive on-site conversion volume
  • Extremely strong ROI & ROAS
  • Powerful brand authority in the space
  • Boosting revenue by 35% with targeted PPC campaigns
  • 35% YoY revenue growth
  • 13% Conversion increase (YoY)
  • 20+ conversions from testing Dynamic Search Ads
  • What makes us different:

    Flexible, consultative marketing that works

    Book our award-winning healthcare marketing consultants whenever you need help setting up, managing or optimising your marketing.
    • Flexible consultancy; purchase credits to use how you like on a wide range of healthcare marketing services.
    • Have us audit your marketing, set up or manage campaigns, or optimise your processes
    • We can train your team, lending marketing support until they feel confident and you're seeing great ROI
    • You can move credits from your marketing consultancy into website optimisation and vice versa

    Clinics & practices we partner with

    We have a broad range of experience in healthcare marketing and apply our expert thinking and unique approaches to a wide range of clinics and consultancies to help them grow faster. Looking for a different healthcare specialism? We're always happy to discuss your goals and ideas. Get in touch with our experts today and accelerate the growth of your healthcare business.

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