Lowering CPL by 85% for Just Wax It with strategic PPC campaigns

Project overview

Just Wax It, a prominent beauty salon in London, sought to enhance their online visibility and drive more bookings through targeted PPC campaigns. Partnering with Rocket Healthcare Marketing, they embarked on a journey to optimise their digital advertising efforts and maximise ROI.
Our strategic PPC campaigns for Just Wax It were designed to deliver tangible results by targeting the right audience with compelling ad messaging. Through continuous monitoring, we were able to achieve remarkable improvements in cost efficiency.
Mike Moodie
Paid media director and PPC specialist

Key results

Increase in conversions
Reduction in CPL

More about this case study and our approach

Rocket Healthcare Marketing collaborated closely with Just Wax It to devise and execute a comprehensive PPC strategy aimed at increasing conversion rates and reducing cost per lead (CPL). The project, from September to December 2020, primarily focused on search campaigns.
To kickstart the campaign, Rocket Healthcare Marketing conducted a thorough analysis of Just Wax It's target audience, competition, and industry trends. With a deep understanding of the salon's unique offerings and customer preferences, the team developed tailored ad copy and keywords to ensure maximum relevance and engagement.
The strategy included optimising ad messaging, refining keyword targeting, and implementing bid adjustments to enhance campaign performance. Continuous monitoring and optimization were key components of the approach, allowing for real-time adjustments to maximise ROI and drive results.

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