Driving growth with combined PPC & SEO for London neurology clinic

Project overview

Visibility and engagement are paramount in healthcare, and for Dementech Neurosciences, a distinguished psychiatry clinic in London, a multichannel approach was essential. Dementech recognised the need to bolster its online presence and outreach, and with our support, were able to harness the power of both SEO and Google Ads.
Our partnership with Dementech Neurosciences underscores our commitment to driving growth and visibility for healthcare providers. By synergizing SEO and Google Ads, we've not only amplified their online presence but also facilitated meaningful engagements with their target audience.
James McGarrie
leading seo specialists in the healthcare industry

Key results

Surge in organic traffic
Boosted domain authority
125 Leads
through Dynamic Search Ads

More about this case study and our approach

Rocket Healthcare Marketing crafted a comprehensive strategy encompassing both SEO and Google Ads to propel Dementech Neurosciences to new heights. The SEO campaign focused on optimising content (within dedicated content clusters) in the realm of neurology to attract and engage their target audience.
Through meticulous keyword research and content refinement, Rocket Healthcare Marketing significantly increased organic traffic by 20.17% and elevated conversions by 9.09%. The clinic's domain authority also surged, with the help of technical SEO improvements, from 24 to 29, solidifying its status as an authority in the field.
Our Google Ads initiative worked simultaneously, aiming to maximise visibility and lead generation. A robust testing approach was adopted to fine-tune campaign types, ad copy, and bidding strategies. Dynamic Search Ads emerged as a potent driver of conversions, yielding 2422 clicks and 125 leads in one quarter. Additionally, leveraging a broad match plus automated bidding strategy proved instrumental, delivering leads at a CPL two times lower than conventional campaigns. The team also introduced promotional offers in the Dementia-specific campaigns - which led to an impressive 84.48% surge in lead generation within three months.

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