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Powerful SEO strategies result in 165% web traffic growth for top London fertility clinic

Project overview

As a leading London fertility clinic, Harley Street Fertility Clinic (HSFC) aimed to utilise SEO and content to drive visibility and engage their core target audience. Through building a bespoke and local-first SEO strategy, Rocket helped HSFC more than double its organic traffic over the course of just one year.
56% organic traffic growth for London clinic through SEO marketing
After identifying organic search as our highest value environment, the HSFC campaign was all about using the insight we had – and laying some solid, persona-based foundations – to craft a high-engagement, optimised-content strategy. Our under-the-hood SEO tuning quickly paid dividends; lead generation found a higher gear, and the site accelerated the client into a new era of ROI.
James Speyer

Key results

YoY increase in organic traffic
additional top 100 keyword rankings
increase in size of backlink profile

More about this case study and our approach

The core goal of this campaign was to attract a highly-targeted, London-based demographic to HSFC’s world-class fertility clinic. Paid advertising was already in place when we kicked off the SEO strategy, so we had plenty of learnings and marketing insights to leverage as we got to work building out our organic strategy – and our team knew just what to do with that data.
Equipped with this knowledge, we consulted with the HSFC team and, after some internal projections, identified organic search as the biggest-win opportunity. It showed unparalleled potential for dramatic increases in MQL traffic flow – therefore, significant new business – and optimal ROAS.
Rocket SEO specialists conducted a series of workshops and collaborative sessions with senior HSFC stakeholders. As a result, we were able to define our marketing personas and establish exactly which topics, themes and ideas would represent the highest engagement for this target audience.
By this point, we had all the tools to perform the work effectively, and so we got to work transforming the HSFC site into a powerful lead generation funnel. Our specialists developed an initial 6-month strategy that focussed on asset optimisation and content marketing, utilising HSFC’s existing client stories, blogs, podcasts and supporting content to boost visibility and generate demand.
Following on from our behind-the-scenes SEO work, the HSFC site quickly went from strength to strength. We saw a major uptick in traffic and a phenomenal increase in new business streams, all occurring in an impressively rapid timeframe. Thanks to optimised content, expanded visibility and peak ranking position, Harley Street Fertility Clinic continues to enjoy consistently-profitable search traffic and high levels of new business for maximum ROI.

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